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Notice on holding the second season of Hong Kong Zhitang Competition

Hello everyone:

On the occasion of leaving the old year and welcoming the new year, we are preparing for the second season of the Hong Kong Zhitang Seeding Competition. This season's activities have been optimized according to the suggestions of members. The specific rules are as follows.

Rules of Activity:

1. All members can participate.

2. The competition will be held from December 27, 2018 to January 31, 2019 for 35 days.

3. The original source of Chinese and Asian discs (BD, DVD, VCD, VHS, LD) can be released at will. Please ensure the complete format of the original resource. Please recommend the official website version. Please specify the self-made version.

4. Non-Chinese and Asian regional sources need to submit candidates and can be issued after 15 votes.

5. The head of all resources release must contain the "Hong Kong Zhitang Seeding Competition" as an entry, and no entries are considered without this mark.

6. Competition has a point system. Every published resource that meets the requirements of posting gets 5 points for BD, 4 points for DVD, 3 points for VCD/VHS/LD, and 1 point for each new seed downloaded during the season.

7. Each contestant must publish at least 10 film sources before entering the season statistics.

8. To encourage posting, new recruits who first released resources doubled their posting points for this season's activities.

9. In order to encourage originality, the original start-up resources have doubled the score of posting activities this season.

10. For the sake of fairness, no manual setting or free time limit is provided for all entries.

11. Hong Kong Zhitang Community Management Group reserves the right of final interpretation.

Activity Award

First prize: 1 given title 100 invitations, 1 year VIP;

Second prize: 3 titles, 30 invitations, 3 months VIP;

Third prize: 10 invitations, one month VIP;

Participation Award: Each eligible contestant may receive a magic value award of 10 times the entry score (one, two, three, etc. are not obtained at the same time)

Example of a contest post:

== Hong Kong Zhitang Community Management Team ==
December 27, 2018