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    PT.BTSchool News

    Google Translation:



    Tang Dynasty: Du Mu

    A drizzling rain falls like tears on the Mourning Day; The mourner's heart is going to break on his way.

    Ask where the restaurant is. The herdsman points to Xinghua Village.

    In the Qing and Ming Dynasties, drizzle drifted in succession, and all the travelers on the road were in a state of despair.

    Where can local people buy wine to soothe their sorrows? The shepherd boy laughed but did not reply, pointing to Xinghua Mountain Village.

    Qingming: One of the 24 solar terms, around April 5 in the Gregorian calendar. On the day of the old custom, there are activities such as Tomb sweeping, trampling and willow planting. The day is the swing festival in the palace. The Kunning Palace and the posterior palaces place swings, and the concubines play the swing.

    One after another: many descriptions.

    Desire to break the soul: Describe the deep sadness, as if the soul and the body should be separated. Dead soul: sad, depressed. These two sentences mean that during the Qingming Dynasty, rains and clouds continued, drifting and sprinkling continuously; such weather, such festivals, the mood of pedestrians on the road was depressed, and their spirits were scattered.

    Excuse me: Excuse me.

    Apricot Blossom Village: A village deep in Apricot Blossom. Today, outside the Xiushan Gate of Guichi, Anhui Province. Affected by this poem, later generations often use "Xinghua Village" as the hotel name.

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