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Thread: PrivateHD News - Official statement

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    PrivateHD News - Official statement

    Hi there.

    I feel like it's my responsibility as admin to explain as best as I can what has been happening over the past few hours. I won't go into too much detail because I don't agree with airing all the dirty laundry for the public to see.

    Disagreements have been brewing between the site owner and the staff for a while. I have tried to be a mediating influence, as has Meifumado, but unfortunately, due to circumstances that I won't go into here, things came to a head tonight. There was a major argument between Abi and myself, Pac, and Dark, which resulted in the temporary banning of the three of us. In fairness I cannot say either side was more or less at fault as both had legitimate reason to be angry with the other side, and Abi is going through his own private troubles which didn't help his mood.

    After some time to cool down, Abi announced that he would be handing over the running of the site to Meifumado, and the three banned staff were reinstated in their former positions, with Meifumado becoming what amounts to the new owner and boss of the site.

    So what does this mean for you, the average user?

    For the most part it will be business as usual. The staff team will remain as it is, and we remain committed to providing our community with the best content we can. Some rules may change as we move forward, and we'll do our best to let you know what changes when it does. The change of site manager hasn't changed our focus, nor our drive. And even as we will remain as we were, it is expected that the rules will still be followed as closely as they generally are now. Also, I'm pleased to say that EPSiLON, SiGMA, Absinth, and HDBEE have no plans to move offsite in the near future, so you may continue to enjoy the high quality content that you have come to expect from our internal release group.

    On a personal note: I cannot speak for the other staff members, but I bear Abi no ill will. He is dealing with his own troubles, and with things as they were it was bound to happen eventually. It was just bad timing on both sides. However, the team and I will keep working on the site as though nothing is different, and I hope you will continue to enjoy the site.

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    I could hardly believe they solved their staff problems by banning whom of contributions to their site and things appeared to end in the withdrawal of power from another veteran staff, this means there is no enthusiasm, no coordination any more. I bet all this move will prevent that site from growth. And I'm sure this is not the end for their drama.
    They need a new tracker rather than rude competition among staff. Though every internal group says they will stay, it won't be under ongoing development anymore. I'm sure some of them are depressed and they will be divided into parts. That's likely the way it will happen.

    P/S: Most trackers will go down thanks to internal staff problems which usually end in lack of enthusiasm.
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