From staff:

Merry Christmas!

To celebrate the holidays, we're going to be opening applications twice! THAT'S RIGHT TWICE.
Applications will be open from now for 48 hours, and then at about this time on New Years, 48 hours again!

As usual, one account per person, and you must apply on your home connection. Please read the application rules carefully as failure to meet the requirements may result in your application being denied. As always, applications are approved or denied at the discretion of the staff member checking it.

Please ensure your applications are in ENGLISH thank you.

Most basic requirements:

500 GB upload
Ratio of 1.0 or greater
Account older than 3 months
This time around we are asking for 2 profiles minimum. If you apply with only one, your application may not be approved. It will be at staff discretion as stated above.

Apply here:

I will answer questions when I have time.