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Thread: PrivateHD for FreshOn refugees

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    PrivateHD for FreshOn refugees

    With the recent sad news about FreshOn, staff at PrivateHD would like to offer members in good standing another option outside the obvious choices already offered. PrivateHD is a HD TV and Movie tracker, we have a very active internal REMUX group (EPSiLON), an active internal x264 encode group (SiGMA), a large collection of x265 encodes (UTR-HD and Absinth) and of course active uploaders for new movies and tv show episodes.

    To get an invite please visit our IRC channel @ /join #FreshOnRefugees and post: - Uncropped screenshot of your profile - Link to your account on FreshOn

    Requirements are a 1:1 ratio, 1 month on the tracker and minimum 100 GB Upload.

    Best of luck for the future folks.
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    very nice of them, PHD is an awesome tracker

    thx @Axort for sharing this
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