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Thread: Private Torrent Tracker Shuts Down

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    Private Torrent Tracker Shuts Down

    After more than ten years, the private TV torrent tracker has decided to shut its doors. The site's operators note that they have lost interest in the project and prefer to move on. Meanwhile, other private trackers have lined up to take in Refugees.

    This isn’t a particularly good week for avid torrent users. After the public ExtraTorrent index shut down, the private community must now say goodbye to (TvT).

    Sysops of the private tracker, which specialized in TV releases, have decided to move on and focus on their personal lives instead.

    “We are shutting the website down due to the lack of interest,” TvT staff wrote in a message yesterday.

    “This is no longer a fun activity and the old members simply have other things to focus on, like work and families. We like to thank each member that was present in the comunity we built and maintained for a decade.”

    Soon after, the site went dark, removing the option to login and showing a brief shutdown message instead.

    Poor hamsters

    The decsion came as a surprise to the site’s users. Several staffers were also unaware of the decision the sysops had taken, according to a statement by a member on Reddit.

    “We, the staff, didn’t know of this until they made the public announcement, so this all comes a bit rushed,” Liberateus writes, adding that fellow torrent tracker is willing to take on refugees.

    “ is a rather young but fast growing tracker focused on TV and movie content, with a nice community, dedicated staff and a huge selection of content,” he writes.

    The Reddit thread also includes offers from other trackers that are willing to take people in, so it appears that most users will find a new home.

    Freshon, or ‘TV Torrents RO,’ was one of the larger specialized TV trackers on the Internet. The site had close to 20,000 users who together shared tens of thousands of torrents.

    The site was particularly popular popular in Romania, from where the site originated. The specialized TV tracker first saw the light of day more than a decade a ago, reportedly with help from several staffers of the defunct tracker.

    Better times for TvT (image via Opentrackers)


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    How ""fellow torrent tracker is willing to take on refugees" ?

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