A huge thank you for all who contributed during our donation special.

New systems are being deployed as we speak and we'll be doing a fair bit of work over the next month in terms of moving & rebuilding.
The systems that are already online are looking good and should serve us well for the coming year.

This move & upgrade will reduce the pressure on the staff and myself in terms of day to day operations;
upgraded hardware, larger storage capacity and better backups (once we've fully moved over to the new layout).
The effect of this will also drip through to all users in terms of speed & avaliability.

On a side note, unpacked torrents will be available soon (along side our current scene packed offering).
We need to do final testing and make some website changes, add some links here & there.
Also run some internal tests on rule sets like retention policies and seedtime rules etc.
bottom line: we're working on it and it shouldn't be too long

All the special status & stats for the donation special will run untill the 3rd or 4th to award our patreon donations, so technicaly if you missed out, there's still time to donate, though you should know we met our goal any money will be put in PTM bank for a later date.

Once again for those who got involved;
From all the site staff,
Thank you.