We are 10 years old today.

Bring on the prizes!

>>> >> Make a post in our 10th Birthday give away forum to be entered! << <<<

Seedbox slot giveaway
Ten users will be randomly picked will receive a 3 month seedbox slot courtesy of hostingsharedbox.com
If non-contactable or if it's not your thing a sticker pack in the post will be offered. Failing that , VIP status will be given for six months.

PTM Sticker Pack

Next Ten Runners up:
Ten random users will be offered a few 10th birthday PTM vinyl stickers posted to them!
(you will be contacted by the end of the month for your delivery address,
if you are unable or unwilling to give your postal address you will be offered VIP status time instead).

Final Ten
VIP for 6 Months
Ten further random picks will be drawn for PTM VIP Status for 6 months.
(If you are currently VIP class, your VIP will be extended by 6 months)

There are no other conditions for entry: it's a free for all regardless of status or account warnings etc.
(No user can win twice, in the even of double winners a second random winner will be chosen.)

15 days 21h 48m 35s

Its been a wonderful decade to be here and bring you the best files that can be had.

We started with 5 people back in the day and we've built a wonderful tiny secrete community.
It's great to have all of you here with us on our 10th anniversary, We hope you are all here when we celebrate our 15th birthday,

From all the PTM staff;

Happy birthday guys&gals.