uTorrent version 3.6

We have been getting a lot of reports lately about users unable to download with uTorrent and seeing only "Finding Peers". This is because their client has upgraded to version 3.6. We will NOT whitelist version 3.6 because uTorrent decided to add their own tracker to every torrent, regardless of being marked as private or not. This is a security risk much like DHT was in the past. Due to the security risk, we have implemented a system that will send a message and email to any user that tries to access the tracker with uTorrent 3.6. The developer's decision to add their own tracker to every torrent is further proof why uTorrent shouldn't be trusted, and users should migrate away. qBittorrent, Transmission, and Deluge are all good choices. PreToMe staff has all agreed that uTorrent is no longer worth supporting. Older versions lack important features such as large piece size support, and new versions are a privacy and security nightmare. hljdeh

All versions of uTorrent will be removed from the whitelist on March 1st, 2023.

Thank You,