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Birthday update
Posted Jun-12-18 by alizilla

Hello friends!
This msg comes a few days later than we had hoped due to a fair bunch of excuses, however i'm pleased to announce.

All our 10th Birthday winner prizes have been awarded.

Various upgrades/downgrades to prizes were made per winning users request.

All seedbox slot winners have been contacted with their access details.
All EU sticker pack winners have been dispatched.
All USA sticker pack winners are awaiting delivery (USPS is being it's usual slow self)
All VIP winners were awarded their VIP status (or alternative prizes if already VIP).

In other news
Please make sure to update your bookmarks / favourites & RSS feeds by the end of the month.
PTM will be removing access to all non-SSL/TLS traffic AKA "http://"
by the end of the month all PTM address must start https://

To avoid confusion please check your bookmarks or favourites to make sure you are definitely saved as

If you dont remember to use https:// ? the site will look as if it's broken or offline!
As of today our site uses SSL/TLS for 99% of it's current 477555 (12mill avg) hits/day network traffic we're hoping to get this to 100% for a better all round state of affairs.
We'll probably do a mass email reminder nearer the time because i'm reasonably sure people dont read these announcements
If you made it to the bottom of this wall of text ? good for you