Hey guys I'm writing you this PM today to let you know we will be making updates to our homepage (That white news page before you log in with your PIN ).

I understand not everyone can afford to send money to this site each month, especially those who can really only afford to pay their ISP each month.

Over the coming months we will be adding advertisement slots from different companies such as google adds and amazon affiliates possibly even a youtube player, should you the add interesting ? Go ahead and click it, the site will get a few cents in the process.

Please do not repeatedly spam click the adds, this will not help us in any way,and may just get the add account paused or suspended. IF you do click these adds, please keep them clicks under control.
One click per day is more than enough !

(This PM is a Mass PM , it was sent to the following user classes:

for and on behalf of all the PTM staff