Time for a wee password update

As is the case with most thins interwebs related news.

Now and again 3rd party services make a boo boo. In this case there is an outside chance that login traffic flowing through the cloudflare network ( that we use ) was leaked into the wild.
This leak is proportionately tiny and if you include all the http(s) requests for cat pics? The chances of anyone's login information being leaked on any of the affected sites :
is even smaller ( your login request happens once at login, every subsequent just uses sessions and/or cookies )

However !
It does remind us that passwords generally need updating, if you havn't updated your password in a while, why not do it today?

Now would also seem like a good time to look at that donation meter and figure we've 4 days till the end of the month and it's only reading 42% . That's going to be an issue in a couple weeks.
Can I feel a bit of love on the donations ?