Did you recieve a spam PM from staff?

Today it was brought to our attention that a staff member had been sending out spam PMs to our users. I want to assure you that the staff would never knowingly send out this kind of spam and any suspicious activity like that should be reported immediately. Additionally, if you find yourself IP locked, don't worry; that's a result of us changing security settings.

So, what happened? A malicious user had gained access to one of the staff's account. After using it to send out a site-wide mass PM, they simply disappeared into nothingness. It seems as though that was their only intention.

Do not worry; the site is still safe and secure. The malicious user did not have access to your passwords nor anything like that. Your accounts should be safe, however it is possible that they could have scraped for your email address.

In response, we've tightened up security for the staff to ensure things like this are much more difficult, as well as disabling the Geo-IP locking method; all users that were set to use that type of IP locking have already been switched over to use by-host locking instead.