Hey guys,

As some of you know, many funscript files contain identifiable information encoded within the file itself. After some deliberation, it is the opinion of the Pornbay Admin Team that this is only likely to get worse and harder for users to "fix" before uploading the funscripts here, and so they constitute a risk for the uploaders and for the site. With that agreement, it has been our decision to disallow any new funscript uploads going forward. Current torrents will be allowed to age out naturally, but no new funscripts will be allowed.

The Forbidden List has been updated to include the following:

Forbidden List:
Funscripts: - Files to enhance interactivity for Virtual Reality contain identifiable information and is not permitted on Pornbay.org.

Additionally the Upload Rules have been modified to read as follows (see point 4):

Upload Rules:
The following items should NOT be included in your torrents:

1) Spam or Spam Links - PB has a Zero Tolerance policy for spam and spam links.
2) Password Protected Archives (Even if you include a .txt file with the password)
3) Executable files of any type (.exe, self-extracting archives, screensavers)
4) Funscript files
5) Archived Torrents
.iso or .bin/.cue disc images
200+ Image Collection Torrents may be archived. The torrent must contain contact sheets for all of the images, and at least 10 full sized representative images.

This means that funscript uploads will be treated like any other Forbidden List content, with the associated warnings and/or bans that would occur for other violations of the list.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Thank you,
Gloryhammer on behalf of the Pornbay Admin Tea