Christmas (X-Mas) 2019 1WPFL+FL Event

We're bringing back the traditional x-mas uploading event!

Throughout the month of December we will be giving out rewards for people who post content related to the holiday season. If you have Christmas, Kwanza or Hanukkah porn, throw it out there and tag it as x.mas.

Hell, if you have something Thanksgiving themed, we might even throw a reward your way. Even if by some miracle of christ you find kwanza porn, use the x.mastag for your torrent, it is the only active tag for this event.

It can be
gay, straight,
shemale, solo, hentai, etc. Any category is accepted just as long as its festive and fun - and follows the rules.

Rewards as always, will be 1 week personal freeleech and of course a permanent freeleech for the torrent uploaded. Remember that the system limits PFL to 4 max weeks at any given time, so plan your uploads accordingly.

This event is going on now. You can find the main event thread HERE!!!. You may post questions and discuss the event here in the meantime as well as ask for rulings. When the event starts this thread will be cleared and used to claim torrent rewards. Only torrents uploaded during the month of December 2019 will qualify for the reward.

This thread is only for posting entries to the contest - Please see the Discussion Thread to discuss the contest, or specific entries

The event will run from 00:00 on December 1 until 00:00 on January 1. We will be using UTC time. You can use this converter to calculate what time it is in your area: Current Time in UTC So again, to qualify you must use the x-mas tag on your torrent and then post a link for the torrent in this thread for verification.

Posting a link for your torrent is the only way to ensure you receive your reward!