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2017-08-08 -

Dear users,
By the end of August, PT will migrate to a new engine ( ReaperEngine ), specially created for PT. The domain will also change and the current one will redirect to the new one. Due to the change of domain/engine, users will have to download all the .torrent files again. A subpage will be made available to you on which You will be able to download all the currently seeded .torrent files packed in one file. Then you will need just to add those .torrents to your torrent client (without having to download the data again) to start seeding on PT 2.0. This will be more broadly described on the migration subpage. BitStreamer beta will also be available. BitStreamer is an application that can be used to watch movies / series / xxx on PT without having to download them in full.

In addition to the new engine and domain change, there will also be some changes in page rules. One of the most important changes are:
Extremely simplified PT rules for downloading / ratio / user accounts.
Personal Fribi will be removed
You will be able to exchange seed points for upload.
Added new user classes and changed promotion criteria.
Donations will be rewarded with upload, monthly free leech for account and VIP promotions
Automated donation confirmation system
No Hit & Run system.
No minimum seed time for torrents.
Added reputation.
Donate points will be removed. If you continue to have unused donate points during the migration they will be converted to upload
Cups will be deleted. All trophies granted more than 3 years ago will be liquidated. Ones that were awarded in the last 3 years (and winners in donate contests) will be converted to the corresponding free_leech period for the account.
Revisions of special ranks (VIP, cups, etc.). If for example you got VIP rank a few years ago just because you have uploaded a few movies then your rank may change. Each situation will be considered individually depending on proportion of privileges to what user did for site. If you think you have been wrongly demoted because for example you got a guarantee of lifetime VIP status or you did something exceptional for our site then please write a message to person that demoted you explaining the circumstances in which the privileges were granted.
PIN codes and Secure IP will be optional and for certain ranks only - not available on start
WARNING! All passwords will be reseted, you will only be able to log in after reseting your password. It is important to make sure that the email address in your profile is up-to-date .