We are back!

In the game again!

Due to a hardware failure, we passed the downtime tracker, which was extended for two reasons. The first is technical problems in the server room and extended response time caused by Covid-19. The second is our decision to do all the services for more efficient and resistant to heavy traffic on the tracker and on the site. You will probably notice that everything works much better nowadays. At the expense of a few extra quarantine days from PS.cz - we have a much better service.

On the one hand, we thank you for your patience, and on the other we apologize for the fact that when everyone is forced to be at home and probably would be happy to use PS.cz - we are organizing some breaks. We hope you don't get angry with us!

Everything should work without any problems, but if you notice any errors or problems - please report them to HelpDesk.

Best regards, PolisgSource.cz crew