Google Translation:

Attention!! We announce that there are free places in the elite PS Club!

What do we offer Club members? - among others:

- no HNR control, download as much as you like, without worrying about seeding

- list of the last 150 torrent comments

- 100 REQ per month

- access to TOP10

- the ability to write anonymous comments

- upload multipliers: x2, x3

- preview of visitors to your profile

- + v on IRC

- history of SB

- PS crew tab

- access to the PSiG Premieres department

- invitations

- changed main page menu

- access to a special subforum for Club members

- TV Forever package, i.e. unlimited access to PSiG TV broadcast

- Club HelpDesk

- Club Proposals

- unlimited number of changes in the note at the nickname

- access to Torrentlog

- access to the Club Shoutbox - no rules, no uncensored discussions

- possibility of setting TOP on your torrent

- list of online users

- application for BP points

- secure IP tracker - greater security for your account

- access to the unique VOD function - do not download, watch now!

Presentation of the VOD function on You Tube - click.

Do not hesitate and join ELITE!
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