Dear Users!

For the last weeks, we have been recovering from the serious breakdown, however, the PS website has gone through a number of optimizations in order to operate much more efficiently. We have been teasing you with a tracker which has not been working properly, but, at the end, we have cleared your HNR list as an apology.

During the maintenance of the website, we have spent time to make new upgrades. We still are working on some of them. The ones that are ready for you, are mentioned below:

A new section has been created - HelpRSS - where you can find a link to the RSS channel. Everyday on that channel, there will be 2 PSIG releases with only one seed. This has to set in motion old and poorly seeded positions, yet, they come with a number of bonuses. Firstly, you score a lot of GB - because there is only one seed and many peers. Secondly. if you seed that position for 10 days, you will get 1 million BP.

We strongly recommend to take part in that because you help PS by improving the "life" of the releases and you help other users to download them, on the other hand, you score bonuses for yourself by receiving more GB and by getting higher ranks.

The next upgrade is the 3 new style CSS which change the look of the PS website. You can find them in the tab - Profile - Styl - New colors are: Blood, Bronze and Navy. We are planning to make more styles.

Last but not least, we want to remind you about the QER section, which is an interesting addition on the PS. You can club together with other users to buy some wanted position. Before making a donation, you have to read Rules of the Section.

That is all we wanted to let you know, but please look forward for next info. Very soon you will get a new "toy" which will help you to use the PS more easily, for the Android fans there will be something as well.

What is more, we encourage you to let us know about your propositions and suggestions regarding the improvement of the PS website. A humble request! Before you post your propositions or suggestions, please check the list of rejected ideas, so we do not have to go through them same answers all over again.

All the best!
The PS team