"The V just made me more...me."

As of late, Limey has been obsessed with Amazon Prime's The Boys.
We tried to tell Limey that The Boys is just a TV show. There is no such thing as compound V! Undeterred the stubborn little lime retreated to his PixelHD laboratory. Determined to prove us wrong he made the encoders create something, an abomination, a supe of an encode, and he calls it Px4KV!

What is it, you may ask? What supe powers does it possess? Is it super fast like A Train or @rustyduck? No. Is it super strong and a bit of a party animal like Soldier Boy or @Hartjack? Nope. Does it have super slippery ice powers like the X-men's Iceman or our own @GODge1080p? Nope. Does it have super seductive Vampire powers? Like Vampirella or Mr. @lambzilla???

I swear to God if I have to see @lambzilla skipping around in that red mankini one more damn time. "Im Vampirella" "I'm Vampirella"... No! No Sir, you are not!
Now, put some clothes on and answer "Dear Lambzilla"! There are people out there who need your advice!

But seriously...
Px4K has been injected with V but not compound V. It's Dolby V, or Dolby Vision!
Yes, PixelHD lineup will now include an encode with Dolby Vision. Px4KV will also be in a mkv container, which mkv's haven't been seen around these parts in a long, long... time. It will also include what ever lossless audio option that came with the bluray disc. Whether that be Dolby TrueHD 7.1 with Dolby Atmos or a DTS-HD Master Audio track, that's what you will get.
These files will typically range in the 10gb - 16gb range for size. But some may be as high as 20gb for longer movies.
The Dolby Vision profile used will be 8.1. So, if you don't have the ability to play DV but still want the lossless audio that Px4KV comes with, the video will fall back to HDR10 if needed.

So... to recap

10-16gb size
Dolby Vision 8.1 (with HDR10 fallback)
Lossless audio included (DTS or TrueHD)
No Mankinis!

So the PixelHD lineup will now be:


We are super excited about adding Px4KV to our lineup and hope those who have the capability to enjoy Dolby Vision and/or the lossless audio, enjoy them as well. I myself have fallen in love with these new encodes. The manageable size and the extra bump in audio & video quality will be great addition to your plex library as well.

As always feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

Thank you all for your support!