HNR installed and updates

Hit n run system implemented.. Can be found in torrents tab and in all your profiles.. everyone can see everyone else's too..

Will update more tomorrow as there's quite a lot of changes everywhere.

please feel free to post any issues here so we can look into them

Hit & Run Type:- seed_or_ratio

Minimum Seeding Time:- 168 Hours - You must seed torrents for 168 hours.

Minimum Ratio:- 1 - You must seed torrents until Ratio is 1

Download Trigger Bytes:- 50 MB

Tolerance Period:- 2 Hours - Hnr will be added if your last announce is greater than this and you haven't satisfied the Hnr Rule.

Disable Download:- If you have 10 or more Hit and Runs for 168 Hours, your torrent download access will be disabled.