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Thread: PassTheHeadphones (PTH) News

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    PassTheHeadphones (PTH) News

    ...where are my presents?
    The holiday season is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean the festivities are over. We've been saving one last present for you. We'll discuss this below after a few important updates. Move along.

    Site Growth
    The power of our growing community astonishes us in every way. We'd like to say a big thank you to every one of you for contributing and making the site into a wonderful place. We have already reached half a million torrents over the short period of four weeks. The 500,000th torrent uploaded to the site was Don Diablo - Life Is a Festival. In celebration of this fantastic achievement, this upload has been made freeleech.

    New Moderators!
    We're excited to announce two new moderators to the staff team! Asparagus and gotanygrapes are the victims this time. Hold the green grapes but pass the red, please. Don't overcook the Asparagus. We're making progress towards a full course meal.

    User Class Updates
    A common topic in the forums and IRC: "Why was I demoted from my user class? I met the requirements."
    One very important change to the user class system:

    • Torrents that were never seeded: "Last Active: Never" do not count towards User class promotion.

    Freeleech Tokens
    You might have seen Santa's note to spend your Freeleech Tokens in the past few days around the site. He wasn't lying, but what will happen after the milk and cookies? 25 Freeleech Tokens have been added to your account. The cap for these tokens is a limit of 25, so we hope that you spent the first round of tokens on some new content to enjoy.
    The same conditions will be applicable to the second set of tokens:

    • To reiterate, these tokens are limited at a max of 25. They do not stack above this number.
    • The tokens will expire January 31st, 2017. If you don't use them before then, you lose them.
    • There is a 2 GB file size limit, for special events only. You will not be able to use them on anything larger.
    • We have decided to ban collages and forum posts centered around the maximizing of file size freeleech token downloads and buffer trading. We feel this goes against the spirit of freeleech tokens: the pursuit of your own musical interests and exploration. Users should not feel they have to strategize the best possible use for tokens, or put off using them and possibly forget about them until it's too late. The best strategy is to use them soon for something you want to listen to.

    Note: While freeleech tokens do not affect your download, they may affect your required ratio. The required ratio wiki is not yet available, but the short advice is to keep seeding anything you download to get the maximum benefit out of it. For more information about these tokens, please look here

    To use these tokens, search for the torrent that you'd like. If it's under 2 GB, you should see the "FL" button, which allows you to use one token on that torrent to make it a personal freeleech for yourself. After clicking the "FL" and confirming, download the torrent normally.

    Here's what it would look like with the "FL" button (bordered with purple for emphasis, will not actually show purple):

    We'd like to take this time to remind you about passwords. We recommend usage of a strong and unique password that is not used anywhere else. Additionally, using a password manager such as Lastpass or KeePass is highly recommended. If you are going to use a password manager, please be sure to use a strong password that is unique as your master password.
    A strong password would ideally include a combination of the following:

    • Capital letters
    • Lowercase letters
    • Numbers
    • Symbols
    • A length of at least 15 characters.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to hop into our #pth-help channel on IRC.

    Staff Picks?
    It seems that Santa may have brought some early presents this year. You may have heard rumors about freeleech torrents on the forums or IRC. So, what's the deal? Please enjoy a round of mostly holiday-themed staff picks on us. We hope that you have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday.

    - The PassTheHeadphones Staff

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