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Thread: PassTheHeadphones News

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    PassTheHeadphones News

    Hi All,

    A few things I'd like to clear up, just straight from the heart of your SysOp:

    1) Sitewide freeleech! is now officially over. Yes, it was sticking on some torrents because we had so many updates to send to the tracker in order to turn freeleech!! off (100k+ torrents), and it was a time consuming process.

    2) Whitelist - we have now implemented a Client Whitelist. Please familiarize yourself as this may affect your ability to continue seeding on this site. Use this thread to request additional whitelist additions!

    3) Site stability/maintenances - I apologize for the recent instability in the past day. The freeleech was indeed testing the limits of our hardware, and while it kept up quite well, the site was extremely sluggish whenever the torrent indexing scheduled task was running.

    3) Tracker issues - Yes, we had some tracker issues. Because our site grew so quickly, the tracker was actually choking on some stat updates being sent out. Unfortunately, the only fix was to wait out the freeleech before we could start work on the backend (to avoid causing any swarm issues for active downloaders/uploaders), but the good news is that this has been complete and site performance should see a huge, noticeable improvement.

    4) Stat/counting issues - In simple terms, since we were running an incredibly large amount of peers on our tracker, our hardware just simply could not keep up with the demand of the users.

    The last few hours of the freeleech had a huge amount of last minute requests/snatches and the tracker actually fell over right after we closed the freeleech down. Unfortunately, this means that the last few hours may or may not reflect on your profile properly, and there is not a lot we can do at this point in time to fix it.

    For those that might have concerns about the above, please note the following: a) This was considered a "soft launch" for us. We're still trying to figure out the rest of the kinks in the system before we open the site up to additional recruitment, invites, etc. b) The freeleech lasted longer than it was supposed to. c) Christmas is right around the corner. Expect to have holiday surprises throughout the month! d) A freeleech is always a "bonus", not a right. Although we have found numerous people taking advantage of the freeleech system in a negative way that broke the rules, we wanted to keep it going and keep our promise to the users.

    5) Development/bugs - Yes, we're going to get around to them. Please keep reporting them, as well as suggestions, in their appropriate forums. We are a little short on development resources and we've been putting most of our time and effort on the Infrastructure, so now that a lot of those pieces have been figured out, we should be able to spend more time squashing bugs on the site!

    Last, but not least, we want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed, no matter how big or small, to the success of this site. We our users, and this site would not be a reality if it wasn't for your continued support.

    Thank you, Zed and the PtH staff

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    Great! Can't wait to see the site go full speed.

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