Dear users:
    Recently, many people's telegram accounts have been stolen in the PT circle, and because a large number of PT users gather on telegram, phishing accounts have shown a spreading trend. If you are using telegram and find that the chat content of your contacts is abnormal, telegram suddenly receives a verification code, etc., please immediately log out of other devices on the main device and enable 2 step verification.
    As of now [2023-03-12], OurBits has never provided any official user-oriented services on the telegram platform . The official user-oriented services previously provided on QQ, Baidu Tieba and other platforms have long since ceased, and only some administrators will During special periods, we will provide users with some temporary services and solve urgent problems through unofficial platforms such as telegram and QQ, but the administrator will not ask users for money, mobile phone numbers or other information not related to the website. The management team will decide whether to allow administrators to continue to provide temporary services on unofficial platforms such as telegram and QQ according to the development of the situation.
    In addition, it is reminded that the website stipulates that administrators are not allowed to handle any matters related to users in private. All services related to OurBits are provided through official platforms such as OurBits website, OurBits complaint system or OurBits mail system, and are all bound to the official domain name. The resources, notices, and official decisions related to the website are also subject to the release of the website. Please pay attention to identification and beware of being deceived.

OurBits Management Team