Because the registration volume for the convenience of everyone to register, with the prospect of high-level consultation after the following decision:
1, open registration time for 9 o'clock today began to open registration, 9.15 closed on time registration, please do not need to check the registration time.
2, although there is no invitation code restrictions and restrictions, but no one can borrow this opportunity to register any vest account, we will be based on IP address to be bound, once found a vest account will immediately title and no notice.
3, the station staff nickname must be OB-XXX (station ID), the same we will be based on the relevant data to monitor, if there is a violation of personnel immediately title.
4, please give the members to register as needed, this is a technical exchange area is not a film and other publishing platform.
5, all members do not have any chances, we have two stations with the most excellent operation and maintenance personnel will monitor your registration, after registration, please carefully read the rules and regulations of the Forum!
6, in the far point there are any questions you can find me, I am in the far station ID: shuizhongyu517
7, remember that the two stations are linked stations, if you appear in any side of any violation of things, will be punished by both sides!
8, pcbeta address is


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