Album of the Month

Music is an art that remixes itself through you, the listener. The special feeling of a new musical discovery, inherent within a never-ending proliferation of sound, is one of several reasons we all take part in this unique endeavor. A chance to share, relate and learn - listen, react and rehash. Orpheus is a breeding ground for these ideals - a sanctuary for our collective love of music.

One of Apollo's most cherished ideas, The Album of the Month, has been a sorely missed feature and we are looking forward to bringing it back! Through listening and sharing, discussing and evaluating, we hope all of you will participate and lend your opinions (and ears) to this monthly event. If you haven't already, please take a minute to read these guidelines. Afterwards, feel free to start making suggestions in our Album of the Month forum!

We look forward to seeing your submissions and, of course, listening to some rad music. Onwards and upwards!

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