Some Small updates for y'all

It has been a few days since our official launch, and so far, things are going pretty smoothly. The coming days we will be actively updating you on recent developments, and this post is the first of these updates!


We are very happy to announce that Orpheus is now listed on, thanks to Vicey's hard work. The status site can be found on both
Tracker Issues

As you might have read in the blog, there were some minor issues with the tracker yesterday. After fixing these, peer numbers increased and created another bottleneck earlier today. This problem has been resolved, but don't be surprised if you encounter additional timeouts or "red torrents" as we tune the layers to handle the increase in activity. If that happens, you are encouraged to say so in #orpheus.

VPN rules

The new administration values user security strongly, and therefore the old Apollo VPN rules have been relaxed to allow more VPN usage. From this point onward, all paid VPNs and proxies are allowed for use on the site. This includes VPNs that come with seedboxes. It does not matter if the IP is static or dynamic or if it's unique to you or shared. As long as you are paying for it, it is allowed. Send a StaffPM if you are unsure if your VPN/proxy is covered by this rule. Golden Rule 5.1 has been updated to reflect this change.

If you use a free VPN or proxy service, you become the product. It is very likely that the company offering this free service is collecting data about you, and this is bad for both your and the site's security. Not using any free proxies and VPNs is a solid advice in general, not just in regard to Orpheus.

Torrent Ownership and Apollo Stats

Some people reported problems with ghost associations. This was due to the fact that old APL table was imported as-is by mistake. The table was truncated, so if you have already set your user on Orpheus, you will have to do it again. This feature is brought to you through the courtesy of Spine, forum eraser.

The first batch of torrents has been reparented to the correct owners (around 1400 users). Don't despair if you don't see yours yet. When we say that all of the torrents have been moved over to the correct owners and still you don't have your torrents, then despair is allowed.

Buffer updates (recrediting you with Upload stats) will begin tomorrow. For people who joined after the backup (and even those before), we will be able to credit you with the appropriate amount of buffer for your final userclass... if you regularly connected to #APOLLO on IRC. We have logs that recorded joins and parts, and the userclass was part of the hostmask for each user.

Just one more reason to join in on the fun in IRC, see you there.

Reseed requests

Please don't use the Request Reseed link. Don't. Just... Don't. If the torrent is owned by Spine with 0 seeders, then the uploader or seeders have not yet joined. And Spine will be even grumpier.

That's all for now. Please don't forget to post any issues in the Bugs forums, we are doing our very best to resolve everything ASAP.

--OPS Staff

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