Some more updates!

Greetings y'all! Here be a few minor announcements to peruse as we continue to become acquainted with Orpheus and each other.


As of yesterday, our team of moderators lead by i********* and B***** (who developed a very handy tool, aptly named Loggy, to assist in this venture) have been hard at work pruning those pesky un-scored logs. This tedious process will continue over the next few days and should culminate with our logchecker being 100% functional going forward. Please keep all of your old Apollo torrents seeded in your client, as the more seeded torrents we have the more we will be able to re-score. As of yesterday afternoon, we had a whopping 80,000 seeded torrents that needed re-scoring.


We will be conducting some maintenance to improve performance and stability of both the site and the tracker. This maintenance will happen on Wednesday in the early afternoon. (UTC) Although we will try to limit it to a minimum, there will be some downtime, approximately two hours at most. The IRC network will say up during this maintenance.

After this maintenance, you might need to log in again.


As many of you may have noticed, beginning at 02.15 UTC yesterday several torrents and torrent groups were suddenly branded as being Personal Freeleech. Why for, you ask? Simple. A patch intended to optimize the re-scoring process was introduced to the API at this time and was responsible for producing this unintended side-effect. Said bug was quickly ameliorated at 09.30 UTC. As stated here, no torrents were actually being marked by the system as freeleech, therefore a download of any of these releases would have cost the user buffer. Not to worry, however, as all buffer spent during this short window will be credited back to those who were diligent enough to snag one of these torrents during that time. We apologize for the confusion and extend thanks to those users who brought this issue to our attention.

As a short reminder: if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is.
Any and all future freeleech events will be attached to an announcement much like this one, as per usual.


Now that the initial grace period has passed, all users are free to upload and trump any old Apollo torrents that are still left unseeded. Obviously, standard upload/trumping rules apply (aka, a V0 rip does not replace an unseeded FLAC rip of the same release). Please be courteous to one another during this transition and during this time, as we have a lot of rebuilding to do yet! If an unseeded CD rip in FLAC has an unscored log (which it has, since we cannot score it if we cannot download the log file) it can be trumped by any FLAC torrent with log, which does not need to be 100%.

A quick note on differentiating recently unseeded Orpheus uploads vs old Apollo torrents: if you click any given torrent, the information that follows below will show an upload date. Torrents dated as being uploaded over a year ago are from Apollo and as such can be trumped if they have yet to be seeded. For all recently christened OPS torrents, please follow standard procedure and trump rules seen here.

Also, since the grace period has ended, everyone is now allowed to upload APL torrents that were uploaded past the backup date, not just the original uploaders. However, if you plan to upload torrents you have downloaded, it's good to check the quality of these torrents prior to uploading. You are responsible for the quality of what you upload, so if you happen to upload a bad transcode or an edited log, you will receive the warning.

Lets get ripping, boys!

~ OPS Staff

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