The Orpheus Perfecter FLAC Challenge

Orpheus Perfecter FLAC Challenge

Welcome back to the main event. The end of the year approaches and it's time to replenish our library with some sweet new flacs. In other words, the new Upload Contest has arrived. Upload as many Perfect Flacs (100% CD + Log + Checksum) as you can. The more you upload, the more Bonus Points you will win. But pay attention: Web and Vinyl don't count this time!

Why CDs? Because finding WEB uploads is easy. Cutting a perfect CD rip takes a bit more effort.

Prizes are as follows: the person who uploads the most gets a Freeleech pick (to be published later on at Staff's discretion), for any torrent up to 1GB in size.

For everyone else, the prize depends on the generosity of the network of Orpheus. Alongside the upload contest is a Bonus Point Pool. Donate as many points as you can, and everyone benefits. There is a tax. Not everything you donate makes it to the pool.

At the end of the contest, a 10% cut will be taken, and distributed evenly to every enabled member, whether they uploaded anything or not.

A second 20% cut will be taken, and distributed evenly to everyone who uploaded at least one release. The remaining 70% of the pool will be divided up pro rata according to how many releases were uploaded by each person.

An example may help. Consider that there are ten enabled members, of whom five participate in the contest. The five uploaders finish by uploading 40, 34, 20, 4 and 2 releases, respectively. The Bonus Pool at the end of contest stands as 20,000 BP.

10% of 20,000 is 2,000. The ten enabled members are therefore awarded 2,000 BP each.

20% is 4,000. The five members who uploaded something are awarded a further 4,000 BP each.

The number of perfecter FLAC releases at the end of the contest stands at a total of 100. The remaining 17,000 BP is then distributed evenly for each torrent uploaded. In this example, one upload comes out to 170 BP. The top uploader with 40 uploads therefore nets 6,800 BP. The fifth uploader who uploaded two releases is awarded 3,400 BP.

Example payout:

Uploads BP
40 12,800 (2K + 4K + 6,800)
34 11,780 (2K + 4K + 5,780)
20 9,400 (2K + 4K + 3,400)
4 6,680 (2K + 4K + 680)
2 6,340 (2K + 4K + 340)
0 2,000
0 2,000
0 2,000
0 2,000
0 2,000
0 2,000

The contest began on 2020-09-21 00:00:01 and finishes on 2020-12-01, 23:59:59 UTC. (That's site time.)

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