Changes to the AJAX torrent endpoint

A quick heads-up to people who use this, a couple of fields have been added.

In the group section, there is a releaseType: 1 entry. This has been augmented with a new field: releaseName: "Album", so you no longer need to rely on magic numbers (which differ between different Gazelle sites anyway).

It is the same text as you see in the drop-down box on the upload page.

The wikiBody field is now complemented by a wikiBBcode field, which contains the raw BBcode (prior to conversion to HTML). It is the same content you see when filling out a release.

Finally, alongside the group and torrent sections is a new info section.

It is (currently) as follows:

"info": {

"source": "Orpheus",

"version": 1


This allows you to determine that the JSON was generated on Orpheus. If there are major changes to the structure of the response (there are none planned), the version number will be incremented.

If this breaks anything, you know who to blame.

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