Strange times


If you are on other sites like Orpheus, you will know that there have been problems elsewhere in the past month or more. Latest reports are of a brute force password guessing attack against Notwhat.

You should operate under the assumption that the same thing is occurring here.

I am following up with a member who noticed accounts appearing in their list of invitees that they did not invite. They think their password may have been guessed and someone else used it to create some accounts. (They have since changed their password). I urge everyone to check their invitee list to verify that no interlopers have crept in. If so, please contact me via PM.

And a reminder, once more, make sure your password is not used elsewhere, and sufficiently complex to avoid being brute forced. If you have trouble accessing your account at any time, join #disabled on and wait for a moderator.

In closing, always remember that if someone is sufficiently motivated to force Orpheus offline for their own amusement, they will succeed. I hope that day never comes, but if it does we will do our best to defend what we have built here and will find a way to get the message out so that you know what is happening.

PS: it can't be all doom and gloom. To cheer you up, all enabled accounts have been credited with 1500 bonus points. Go and get some music and listen to it.