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    Happy Solstice!

    In the northern hemisphere, the days are beginning to lengthen as another year ticks by. In the southern hemisphere, the days are becoming shorter, and we hope that cooler weather will be on its way soon to ease the horrendous bushfires burning out of control in Australia.

    To finish up the year, we have some presents for you.

    Stackable Freeleech Tokens

    You asked — We are delivering!

    For some time now since the advent of tokens in our community, the idea of token stacking has been tossed about and widely requested. The time has come to give you that flexibility!

    Tokens are now stackable! This allows you to use more than one in order to snatch any torrent you want. After having looked at the statistics of how many BP are out there (over a billion points), and how many tokens have been used (over 400 thousand), we are going to adjust their values to tune our economy and make it as viable as possible for all.

    With that, tokens are now worth 500MB which in most cases is enough to snatch a FLAC album release. Over three quarters of all tokens used have been for releases that were less than 500MB in size. The price will also be changing. See below for more details.

    Remember that beyond seeding, the fastest way to accumulate Bonus Points/Tokens is through uploading! We encourage you to keep sifting the corners of your world and bringing new content to our growing library, and we make a point of that by rewarding you with more than just the upload credit you will receive. Thanks to both uploaders and seeders for your support!

    How does it work?

    In the past, you could use a token to download any torrent, as long as it was smaller than 2GB. Now, through the magic of technology, you can download a torrent of any size as freeleech, and the appropriate amount of tokens will be deducted from your stash.

    For instance, A Very Special Christmas is 750MB, and for that you will need two tokens. For a 3.2GB box set, you will need 7 tokens. That 160GB Ultimate Jazz Collection is yours for just 320 tokens. As most albums are less than 500MB, most of the time you will only need one token, just as before.

    Note that you cannot use a single token on a big torrent to freeleech a part of it and complete with buffer. In other words, look at the size and round up to the nearest 500MB.

    Price changes

    But wait, there’s more! Not only can you now download anything you want, but the price of a token is now less! Instead of 1000BP, they will only cost 700BP. We’ve also added another purchase tier giving you the ability to buy packs of 5 tokens at a time.

    Due to the economic update to our reward system note that the absolute value of tokens on hand have declined some. Tokens gifted to other people have also gone up in price to further balance the current active allotment of BP. As often said in the tracker community “nothing is permanent”, so we would like to remind all to enjoy the fruits of our labor and use your buffer and accumulated rewards.

    Side Note - There were some bugs in the torrent deletion code and some people have ended up with negative BP. Most of the accounting problems were straightened out, but a few people still had negative BP. To close the bug report once and for all an amnesty is declared, and negative BP balances are wiped out.

    Top 10 Changes

    Going back in time as far back as our predecessors, people have complained about Phish dominating the top 10 list whenever they tour and new releases are made available. You can now exclude them and any artist names from appearing in the top 10, thus having the ability to tweak it just to your liking!

    Notifications Changes

    Lists for artist notifications used to be separated by commas. They are now separated by newlines, which will allow you to be notified for bands who have commas in their names. You should review your notifications to make sure everything is ship-shape.

    The Lost Donor Freeleech Pick

    During the Donor freeleech picks, one person was left behind. Here is their pick:

    T****'s Donor Pick

    Sum 41 - Chuck [2004]
    Punk.Rock | Pop.Punk | Rock
    Bandcamp | Discogs | Website

    T**** wrote:

    In 2004 I was 14 and Chuck was the first album that I consciously got excited for, went out, and purchased on release. I had raided my older brothers CD collection at some point and found All Killer, No Filler plus a clean copy of Does This Look Infected? It all just hit me at a time and in a way no other music had until that point.

    It's been 15 years since then and Sum 41 is still the only band I go out of my way to see whenever they're in town. I've purchased every album, most multiple times over the years. They have a new album out this past summer, and they're on tour right now. The setlist is full of songs off Chuck in celebration of 15 years. I've already got tickets

    Birthday Contest Winners!.

    First place

    a**** wins 80 thousand BP and a future Freeleech pick with their entry:

    Second Place

    P**** wins 60 thousand BP.

    P****'s card:

    Third Place

    By a strange coincidence, three people tied for third place. They will each receive 40 thousand BP.


    A****'s card:


    j****'s card:


    s****'s card:

    All the other participants will receive 20,000 BP. Yes, this is more than the original announcement, but hey, why not!

    And to close

    Because we love you all and hope you will stay around for another year, every enabled user receives 10,000 Bonus Points!

    Here's to a great 2020, enjoy the music!

    — OPS Staff

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