No crime goes unpunished, and so it is that the Dark Overlord — a hacker group responsible for leaking the most recent season of “Orange Is the New Black” online — has had its Twitter account suspended. It’s a bold move from the social-media site, and the message is clear: Harassing people in 140 characters or fewer probably won’t have any consequences, but messing with Netflix certainly will.

Or maybe not. Variety reports that the suspension likely had to do with the group’s decision to leak the contact information of several clients of a healthcare provider based in Beverly Hills. After coming across season five of “OItNB,” the Dark Overlord attempted to blackmail the post-production company they obtained the illicit episodes from — and, according to Variety, ending up releasing them despite receiving the $5,000 in question.

Season five of “Orange Is the New Black” made it to Netflix the old-fashioned way last week. No word on how many watched the leaked episodes in advance.