It's Christmas time, and there are a couple changes that you should know about.

DVDISOs and BDISOs have generally always been made neutral leech as a matter of policy, but this didn't really encourage people to upload them, so we didn't really enforce the policy. We've added code to automatically make JAV and hentai ISOs neutral leech, as well as instantly reward the uploader with 2x the value of the torrent in nips. So, uploading a 20GiB BDISO would net you a cool 40,000 nips, and of course you'll still earn nips for seeding it at the normal rate. While the exact numbers here are subject to change, we feel that this is a good compromise. It gives people an incentive to upload disc images while giving prospective encoders a way to download these files without destroying their ratio. It also prevents people from freeleechizing these large torrents in an attempt to farm buffer. As our first gift to you, we've retroactively applied this uploading bonus for all ISOs you may have uploaded in the past.

Secondly, we felt that the starting 500MiB upload for new users was a bit too small. We've increased the starting amount to a full 1GiB. As our second gift, we've given everyone 524MiB UL.

Our third gift, which is probably the one you care about the most, is a site-wide freeleech starting roughly now, lasting a full 7 days.

If you're a sad, pathetic virgin (you probably are), then I hope the gift of as much smut as your hard drives can handle will brighten up your holiday. Get yourself a cup of eggnog with extra liquor, drink away the sorrow, and masturbate to cartoons.

Love You No Homo,
Oppaitime Staff