Cross-Seeding Bounties

In light of recent events and in an effort to both encourage uploading and expand our library, we've decided to begin offering small bounties for torrents ripped from other sites.

Currently, we're offering bounties for torrents from Nyaa and AnimeBytes. The bounty is 1,000 nips for every relevant torrent. Of course, the torrents must be properly tagged and stripped of any irrelevant files as per rule 1.2.9. Particularly in the case of things from Nyaa, you're also expected to make sure there are no malicious files present in the torrent.

Only torrents less than a week old are eligible to receive bounty (sorry, you don't get to claim shit you've uploaded in the past). The bounty is liable to change in the future.

If you have any questions or want to claim a bounty, the thread can be found here.

I also like to remind everyone that we still have a contest going for erotic audio. There's plenty of the stuff out there, so this is your opportunity to double-dip on nips. Taking advantage of both these incentives you could make 3,000 nips per torrent.