In order to facilitate everyone to publish resources, this site has been adapted to the conversion plug-in Auto_feed.

After installing the plug-in, a YADG module is added under the title of the release page to facilitate you to fill in the resource parameters, and a quick seed transfer module has also been added to the seed information pages of some other sites for your convenience. For detailed tutorials, please move: Click here . Now you can easily get album information from external websites to fill in, I hope it will be convenient for everyone to publish.

I would like to thank tomorrow505, the plug-in developer who led this adaptation, Pterclub who organized this test to manage the pretense, and participated in the test of Xiaocai, September Meng, TheM14, Xiaoxiami, and tulipa.

This site has always emphasized the co-construction nature of PT. I am very happy to have more people participating in the construction of the site. The development of the site is inseparable from the support of every user. thank you all!

OpenCD Management Group