Dear users!

We are looking for an enthusiastic person in your circles who would be able to take the service provided for this site.

In the administration circle, we are looking for a person who would be in contact with our competitors or our partners in contacting or exchanging advertisements,
For anyone who is new but feels he / she would like to, we would like to explain it, this all seems to be required to register for torrent sites or forums that deal with communication or circular exchanges, find and agree on an advertisement.

Currently, the exchange of news articles has been highlighted in the torrent pages. In our forum, the "official" text of the page can be found in the Information section.
There are 2 daily bulletins exchanged, of course, until you have a spare page, there are pages that you can change, you can search for forums and other blogs on torrent sites, but this will eventually evolve into how you can get pages.
Of course, apart from being a valued member of the board, performance is proportional to private prizes distributed by the owners ... uploading, bonus points, etc ...!

The following terms apply to potential candidates:

- Minor debut, how long are you running, how old are you, and so on ... what to add to it!
- Skype is indispensable!
- It's a calm nature and has a good problem solving ability.
- He's committed to our site.

If you're interested in the job and you feel like you're able to do so, sign up at Technik.