New Folder Naming Standards, New Year FL Tokens, Site Updates, and other stories!

NWCD Official Folder Naming Standards

Why is this important and why now?

Every single WCD refugee across all the new music trackers has faced the same problem: what edition do I have and what media was it sourced from? In some cases this is easily answered with time and a bit of research. However, in many cases, unless you ripped the music yourself or very specific information was recorded somewhere along the way, we are left with a vast amount of music with no edition/release/media info. Other trackers are suffering because everyone was in a frenzy to get all the content back up as quickly as possible, and little thought was given to accuracy and overall standards. This has resulted in many of their torrents being catalogued incorrectly in terms of edition and media.

NWCD is taking it slower. NWCD is aiming higher. We've decided now it the perfect time to end the debate once and for all and introduce stricter folder naming standards as one part of our mission to collect and preserve perfect meta data on all releases. We are doing this now while our tracker and community are still in their infancy. We are equipped with the resources, time and enough dedicated and experienced members to enable us to tackle this problem head on and hope you will all embrace this decision. We understand that you all have varying preferences when it comes to how you name and format your music folders. With that in mind, we've relaxed our initial plan to enforce the order in which the folder information is displayed and will leave it up to our uploaders to decide which way they want to do it. As long as all the required information is present, it does not matter which order you choose to put it in or which brackets you choose to use.

The preservation of FLAC is the #1 priority of NWCD. This includes the preservation of accurately recorded and curated release and edition information (meta data) for each and every torrent uploaded. The article below forms part of the NWCD uploading rules and aims to instruct our community on the best practice methods when naming folders in preparation for uploading to NWCD. Although technically part of the rules, these are only official guidelines on minimum requirements and will not be enforced by staff via the deletion of torrents that fail to meet the requirements. Instead, we encourage and place our faith in you the community, to police itself by trumping torrents that don't meet standards with ones that do. Therefore: any new upload that does not meet the minimum requirements set out in the article below will become trumpable by a torrent that does meet the minimum requirements.

Wiki - NWCD Official Folder Naming Standards

We are giving one week from today's date for this announcement to be taken in by the community. No uploads made before 9th January will be trumpable on folder naming grounds until the grace period has elapsed.
The grace period for self trumping based on folder naming has been extended to 6 weeks from today's date. All uploaders will have until the 13th February to trump themselves.
Please do not attempt to trump others existing uploads until this period has passed. Your newly created torrent will be deleted and repeated offences will result in a warning.

Happy new year and a thank you!

Thank you everyone who has been uploading this holiday season and a special thank you to everyone who has embraced the new folder naming standards and dedicated so much time to identifying their music correctly before uploading

As a small gesture of our appreciation, we've given all users 15 Freeleech Tokens with a max limit of 1GB per token.

Users who have surpassed 100 perfect uploads received 2 invites and users who break past 300 will receive 3 invites and have been inducted into the FLAC Preservation Society

Site Changelog as of January 1st 2017:

Official Stylesheets:

Haze Dark
Mono FF Light
Mono FF Dark
Post Office
Please submit your stylesheets to the thread here for potential integration.
Official Tools: [Application] GUI Torrent File Creator with Batch Functionality
Site Improvements:

Discogs/Musicbrainz Autofill on upload.php
Source Key set to nwcd on torrent download
Integrated Image Host located here - imgupload.php
Created Single seed torrent browse page
Created Zero seed torrent browse page
Improved upon better.php with new browse
Updated front page quick links and picks
Added required fields to upload.php

This is a taste of our budding development process.

Tomorrow: New Staff and a HUGE round of Staff Freeleech Picks!