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    NWCD: Securitas, Qualitas, Longaevitas – Christmas Flacleech, Mission Statement, Operation #Flacup

    December 20, 2016

    NWCD: Securitas, Qualitas, Longaevitas
    We are the NotWhat CD FLAC Preservation Society
    God save EAC and our old beloved buddy Rippy.
    Preserving the old FLACS from being abused.
    Protecting the new FLACS, for me and for you.
    What more can we do?

    Christmas Flacleech Event #1 – Seed ‘till you Bleed
    Thank you so much to all of our users who submitted their albums into the Community Picks! The first five rounds have been a blast and we cannot wait to do more. Until then – something better!
    Flacleech! All newly uploaded 24bit FLAC and 16bit FLAC under 3GB will be freeleech for a small period of time starting NOW! Thanks to all the uploaders who have been working hard to preserve the FLAC. A very special thanks to iCurse to getting the flacleech setup!

    NotWhat.CD Mission Statement: believes in security, quality and longevity as paramount concepts which is why we strive to exceed the current expectations of every other tracker and provide a safe haven for the true music connoisseur. We are fostering a community of knowledgeable rippers, talented developers and friendly staff in order to reach our goals together. NWCD does not aim to have the largest torrent count – we aim to have the highest quality releases – here is your chance to catalog your FLAC collection on a tracker that will intelligently preserve the metadata, release information and lineage information.

    Our mission at NWCD is to create a cumulative repository of FLAC releases that is protected at all cost, withstands the test of time and a library of metadata fortified against the perils others projects have faced. Our mission encapsulates the idea of preserving the music once and for all. Since FLAC can be transcoded down to the other formats we place emphasis on 100% and 24bit FLAC releases. NWCD has development plans and contingencies in place to archive the release info, lineage and other metadata so none of the work done here at NWCD will ever be lost or go missing.

    The Power Users of yesterday are the Torrent Masters of tomorrow:
    We are here to welcome music lovers from across the globe and teach them proper ripping techniques, lineage info, and show them what constitutes as a high quality release.
    If you were a member or a power user, now is the time to learn the techniques to elevate your skillset. If you were an Elite user or Torrent Master, now is the time to rebuild your home together.
    We are constantly taking suggestions here on the forums and in the IRC and development is in constant motion with our focus as always on security and bringing you new features and benefits.

    Operation #Flacup: Part 1 –
    Introducing the FPS Group: Comrades, welcome to operation #flacup. As part of our directive to protect and build our FLAC repository we are looking for all members with a decent size collection of FLAC to come forward and enlist in operation #flacup and join the FLAC Preservation Society (FPS Group). NWCD has a semi-automated upload tool run in the command line that matches your FLAC library to MusicBrainz then automates the upload process to NWCD. Please enlist to the FPS Group by sending a message to fidelflacstro or pm him in the IRC. Any user is eligible to join the FLAC Preservation Society.

    Folder Naming Scheme Guidelines:
    In order to follow quality guidelines, we have adjusted the folder scheme rule:
    All the following information is required or the upload becomes trumpable.
    Order of information and choice of [] () {} is not a valid trump reason – see below:
    Artist – Album – Year - Label CatalogNum – Bitrate
    Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy (1997) [24bit Lossless] [Warp] {WAP94}
    Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy (1997) [Warp WAP94] [24bit Lossless]
    Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy

    Happy Holidays NWCD! Stay tuned for more information.
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    flac nazis
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