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We need YOUR help! Ole

Hello all Norbitsers

Several active users have probably noticed that minor cosmetic changes have occurred in Norbits lately, despite several good suggestions. This can simply be explained by the fact that the staff has had enough else to do lately, where the main focus has been to keep the site in full up and operational.

It now becomes harder and harder to put in place anonymous donation solutions involving VISA, PayPal etc., so we have to remove these ways of donating, and only accept BitCoin (Other crypto currencies may come in the future). This is something most large private torrent sites still in operation have been doing a while ago.

Donations are what keep Norbits alive, and we have had several people who have donated regularly and new users who throw in a penny in the new and again. This may not end even though we are now switching to Bitcoins, if we still want a site to go to for our favorites of Norwegian content ...

Buying BitCoins has now become very easy with an explosion of providers as the price went up. The easiest involves getting yourself an online Wallet, so it's very easy for you to buy BitCoins that you can then send straight to us. We encourage users who are technically driven within the anonnym provider / purchase of BitCoins to contribute a guide, a good guide on this will be rewarded with Custom Title and Points.

That said, buying bitcoins by itself is not illegal, so you run no greater risk by donating to Norbits with a new solution than you did before!

Also hope that we get a nice boost of donations right now so we'll have to build up the reserve bank again! It is the one who has kept us alive for the last 12 months and it is now empty. If we do not receive enough donations in a short time, this can mean the hook on the door for norbits. If we were unable to get enough money, those who donated will get their money back.

If you have any further questions or comments you can always send us a PM.

More information on how to donate to norbits with BitCoin can be found HERE.