Next Gens Christmas Competition 2014

Then came the day when Staff again after EvilSantas radii of users take up the baton and make a contest for all the lovely users.

This year's competition will be NG related as it will consist of texts and the like.

from movie quotes, songs etc. to guess. In addition there will also be questions regarding the NextGen ago and its features and much more.

Different from previous years is that this year not to participate from today's date, but can attend the days where time / desire is.

Different is also that not necessarily every day will be a new issue, but some questions could extend over several days.

Last but not least, this year's competition also get visits by Special guests who will help a little fun and spas. Prizes will as all other years be F2L, Invites, GB, BP if they can reach the same heights as EvilSantas distribution, only time will tell will know every single question be tidssat a deadline.

The prizes draw lots among the correct answers. As you can participate daily it also means that there is more to be able to win prizes and thereby the number of participants is not reduced as previously - this is exactly what Christmas is all about, which is heart warming.

All responses MUST be sent in pm SO Only one answer per. participant for each question. (first answers that apply) remember also that in our usual competition debate thread will also continuously be lot of fun, as well as side competitions regularly throughout the month of December. This takes you HERE Let the competition begin! issues. December 1 Which very famous movie comes the following quote from: You talking to me? Deadline - Tuesday, D. Dec. 2 pm. 21:00