Nebulance - 2020 Annual Server Fundraiser

Nebulance Annual Server Fundraiser

The annual server/s bills is due 11-04-2020
The donation drive is being launched early to give anyone who hasn't yet and is interested a chance to get themselves some Bitcoins.
As you know we do not have a revenue stream, we do not sell ads or have a subscription fee to members.
However, bear in mind that not all costs are listed here such as domains, devel sites and seed servers etc.

Nebulance has no advertisements, is not sponsored, and provides its services free of charge. Nebulance's financial obligations are met solely by Staff and with the help of voluntary user donations. Supporting Nebulance is and will always remain voluntary. If you are financially able, help pay Nebulance's bills by donating.

Bitcoin is the best and only method:

If you don't yet have a Bitcoin account, we suggest using the following link to register with C*** here and send directly to the email address:

Registering is exactly the same more or less as if you were to register with PayPal etc.

During this annual fundraiser period you will receive the following perks:

  • Donate 5 = 10,000 Cubits
  • Donate 10 = 20,000 Cubits AND 1 Invite
  • Donate 15 = 30,000 Cubits AND 2 Invits AND a custom title
  • Donate 20 = 40,000 Cubits AND 3 Invites AND a custom title
  • Donate 25 = 50,000 Cubits AND 5 Invites AND a custom title
  • Donate 50 = 100,000 Cubits AND 8 Invites AND a custom title