Hi members of the fleet and movie lovers!

I am pleased to announce I am joining the staff of both Nebulance and TehConnection. You can call me Zen.

I will be working with both Alastor and Transmission to polish and extend both sites, general admin, development, whatever needs doing. Donít worry no one is leaving!

We have a great foundation at Nebulance, it is a tribute to staff both past and present who have worked very hard. But there is still much to do. I have a lot of ideas and I am hoping some of you do too. I will be asking you in the coming weeks how we can make it even better.

Big things have small beginnings. Fellow movie lovers will know Iím quoting both Laurence of Arabia and Prometheus. That quote sums up how I feel about TehConnection. It has been through a difficult time, but now it needs to grow. It's a great time to join and be part of something new, fresh and exciting. To get things going everything on the site is freeleech.

All Nebulance members of good standing can message me for an invite (if you have no warnings). Sometimes my fingers slip when I create new accounts and I accidentally create them with extra upload credit. Donít tell Alastor though, ok?

We already have almost 500 films, which is amazing in such a short time. Want to help? We need you! I am already on the lookout for our next Torrent Masters. Lets make it fun, lets make it a....

Upload competition on TehConnection .

Simple rules:

Starting today and closing at the end of the day on July 22nd.

  • A movie that is not already on the site: 10 points
  • A movie that we already have, but you are adding a different version, resolution etc: 5 points
  • Uploads must be 720p, 1080p or 2160p to qualify - No DVD rips for this particular competition.
  • Existing uploads do not count, everyone starts equal from this announcement.

Site wide freeleech will run through the whole competition to encourage downloading and allow our members to build up a large seed base easily and at no buffer cost.

1st Prize 2 Tb upload credit and 50,000 Orbs

2nd Prize 1 Tb upload credit and 25,000 Orbs

3rd Prize 500 Gb upload credit and 10,000 Orbs

I have made a few changes to the styles, which I hope you will like. You might be using Ambiance already, this has been modified with some responsive features. It will scale to fit your screen and look better on mobiles and tablets.

Iím also introducing Zen stylesheet. This is based on Ambiance but with a couple of nice features.

You can choose from three different backgrounds which you will see on most pages of the site. On viewing a movie page, it will automatically and randomly display a background from the movie.

Here is a sample screenshot. It's intended as a bright and colorful way to enjoy browsing movies.
[IMG] [/ IMG]