Members of the Fleet,

TehConnection has been Reborn with Gazelle!

I guess you're all aware that TehC has been down for a few days under maintenance. I am now pleased to say that it is back and better than ever!

As you can see we're now using Gazelle and we realize it was a mistake to have used UNIT3D.
We believe that Gazelle is much better suited for our needs and does a superior job of archiving, sorting and grouping. UNIT3D is nice and HDVinnie is an awesome guy and very helpful. However, UNIT3D just isn't what we needed. I'd like to offer him a very special thanks for his help.
The site is still pretty much in beta and if you do find any bugs you should let us know. No user stats, torrents or forums are being brought over from the UNIT3D codebase. You're all being given 25GB and 10 Freeleech Tokens to compensate.

See you guys over there!

// So say we all