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Dear Users,

We are pleased to share the following good news with you:

The development of nCore has reached another milestone. Behind the scenes, we have been working on renewal for a long time.
Extending the old environment with new features is a human task, and moving it to new, modern foundations is even more of a task. Yet we have struggled with the near impossible for years, and now is the time to show you some of the novelties.

Most of the new features are not yet built into the site, but we need your help for testing, so you can try them in a separate environment.

We are launching the nCore v4 Open Beta, now known as the Milkie project under her maiden name.
This is a separate page, but much more than an average torrent page,
it serves a nobler purpose ... this is the future of nCore.

Milkie has a different surface than nCore. This is not the final state but an early "insight" into the future. So don't worry if something out of the ordinary is missing. There are some new things that we think you'll love to see on nCore once.
You can access the nCore v4 Open Beta interface by clicking here:


The best features implemented here will eventually migrate to nCore, so this is the best time to
with your feedback, comments and shape the future of our favorite site!

nCore Staff