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Thread: nCore News

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    nCore News

    Google Translation:

    Domain and other changes

    Dear Users!

    Due to the domain change indicated in the previous news, many of you have indicated to us that you cannot log in to the site, or you cannot receive the password reminder email. This may be because you are registered with an e-mail address that you no longer have access to, or that you have an e-mail address registered with an untrusted service provider.

    In our experience, the most common such problems have recently occurred in connection with the e-mail addresses of the following providers:,,,,,,,,

    We'd like to ask anyone who uses the email address of the above providers on the site to change it to an email address registered with a more trusted provider (e.g. for the security of their own account!
    We also ask those who are no longer registered with a working e-mail address to change their registered e-mail address! Using a broken email address holds the risk of losing your user account permanently. You can check the currently entered e-mail addresses in the Settings menu and change them if necessary.

    After the domain change, many people also reported us with problems with the RSS feed, typically caused by using the old .cc domain name.
    For this reason, we would like to ask everyone to replace the old RSS feeds with the one available under the new .pro domain name!

    We would like to inform our users using autodl-irssi that the config file for the nCore tracker is being updated, but unfortunately the time for the patch to be released is not up to us. In the meantime, you can get help overcoming the problem in the nCore Autodl forum topic.
    We recommend that you update your autodl configuration from time to time so that the patch can reach you as soon as possible after it is released!

    In addition to the above, we would also like to draw your attention to the fact that along with the domain change, our Premium packages have also changed, so it is no longer possible to purchase a subscription through our previous partners.
    Please, if you want to buy a Premium package, choose from the options currently available in the Premium menu!

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