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SpOoKy DaYz 2k19

The night of horror came again ... we were the main targets of the zombie and witch troops this year. As the years go by, unsuccessful attacks provoke more aggression, hunger and vengeance on our main enemies ... with one goal in mind: to prevent them from realizing their plan! So, tonight, no one will feel safe, as this year it will be launched with great success among our users

For those who recently joined our site's user camp, here's a brief introduction to the event:
The tracker was overtaken by horrors who took control of the site: they immediately started bombing it with pumpkins and other figures. We ask you to strengthen our defense by working together! If you catch these characters in time, the site will not see any serious damage, otherwise the battle will have unforeseen consequences!
Of course, your help will not be without reward, but be aware that this year's crop has some particularly dangerous figures!

Most of the users who catch the character will be rewarded for repelling attacks. The rewards available include:
• The reward of the 500 users who get the most figures is 1000 points!
• The top 100 users receive 1 month Legend rank!
• Anyone who helps to repel at least 93% of the characters will receive an additional 1000 points, 1 year Legend rank and a colorful Spooky Master individual rank as a gift!

Along with the launch of Spooky Dayz, we have been promoting some of our Premium packages. You can find out more about this promotion in the Premium menu.

If you like to chat with your fellow players, visit our Discord channel!

Thank you to some of our users who couldn't have created this year's Spooky Dayz: ******

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