Site wide notice went out about donating earlier today. I posted it from my phone while at work because of the time constraints in the email we got. There has been some confusion and alarm, and I'd like to make sure everything is clear.

Start here: The spleen is fine, and isn't going anywhere. We are in no danger of shutting down, closing our doors, etc.

My username was reported as a scam... (thank you for your vigilance, especially after that last time!) but this, sadly, is real.

Stripe is the company that has been processing our credit card and btc donations for about two years. They can't support sites of our nature, but we were given a grace period to find an alternative payment processor, and will keep all funds collected. This is the account that is closing.

So with the little over four or so days left we will still be able to accept donations and have a nice cushion while we figure out the next donation mechanism. It may be a while before you can donate again, so if you have been thinking about it, it's a good time.

Tonight, I turned on a 5 day freeleech. Donations have maybe that much time left. Feel free to join us in IRC.