Mice everywhere experience this most boring of months in a myriad of ways. Come join our Hunt about August.

1.You are about to be given your first clue. You will almost certainly need to look elsewhere for the right answer.
2.Find the book the clue points at (e-book, audiobook, radio program).
3.Search for that torrent using MaAM's search page. It will ALWAYS appear as an individual torrent, not a collection.
4.Follow the link. If you are correct, the next clue will pop up. If you don't get a new clue, you were wrong. Think about it and try again.
5.First Ten to finish after the Hunt begins have earned their bragging rights.
6.Please don't discuss clues in Shoutbox, as you might be spoiling the Hunt for others.

This hunt ends 2022-08-22 23:59:59 UTC