3X Donation credits (4x Crypto) the whole of September!

Heya all,

As you all know we don't run the 3x promotion often so now is the time to help put the site and get lots of extras!

(As this is at the same time as the 2x Crypto all Crypto donations will receive 4x donation credits)

From 01 September 2020, for every donation made you will receive 3x the amount of credits you usually would (4x Crypto)!
You can check the amount of credits you would usually receive on the donation page, multiply the credits by 3 (or 4 for Crypto).

We know its an extra step in order to get the info but with the pressure sites are in, we have found this method keeps both our members and our staff all safe and secure

Its super easy to donate and you only need the info the first time you contact T****:

Click anywhere to send T**** a message and we will send you the info within 24 hours. usually MUCH faster

If you wish to donate Crypto all the currency addresses we currently accept are listed on the Crypto donation page.

Please note that you will receive 3x/4x the donation CREDITS, NOT 3x the donation amount.